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Real food or avoid?

For a long while I avoided fats. Even to the point of having so little a day I lost weight. But I was not healthier for it, In fact, my health got worse. Now I know that butter is a health food and eating it will improve your life. But I recommend not eating just any butter. I love Kerry Gold best, it is a grass fed butter imported from Ireland. It is delicious. It is like butter used to taste before it was done commercially. The only better butter would be certified organic grass fed varieties.

For those who are worried about cholesterol, your body will make less cholesterol if you eat a bit, so 1 to 2 Tablespoons is all you need a day, usually. A little know fact is your heart actually needs cholesterol to function well. A great way to use butter is to add it to your vegetables and add a good old school sea salt like grey Celtic sea salt. Another favorite is to add it to organic air popped popcorn, then again add the sea salt to it. Delicious! A great site to visit to help with your education on real food and on cholesterol is the Weston A. Price website. Here is the link.

Butter is Better Health!


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