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Can you have your inflammation reversed and return to being healthy?

Are you chronically inflammed.

Are you chronically inflammed? If so, there is a new revelation from a collegue in Utah. His teaching on the subject made perfect sense on how to get inflammation reversed in any body, so I wanted to share it with you. There is something called the HPA axis in healing circles on which much research is available. Basically, the body has a critical relationship between the hypothalamus (central brain) and pituitary (also central brain), and adrenal glands (just above the kidney).

Dr. Shane Morris, PhD, MBA, CNS has done extensive research on the HPA axis noted above and he has added a bit more incite recently. Recently, the newest research is adding the thyroid to the HPA axis. It is such a new developement and I think its is a game changer, clinically. The axis is descriptive of a relationship between the organs and the hormone system created by these organs. For example, many people realize that the thyroid gland has a relationship with our metabolism (how we repair and have energy to do things). I would go so far to say that most people would have an idea of and be aware that they have either a slow or quick metabolism. The hypothalamus coordinates a lot within the brain and body. The pituitary interfaces with the upper brain and the body especially with the adrenal and thyroid. The adrenal monitors the fluid control and helps the body with stress response.

The organs of the the HPAT axis are all interrelated because of the functional control in the body. If one organ of this system is not working well, it affects the other organs and the control. Just as important, even greater effects on the receptor areas of the cell membranes and the metabolism of the individual cells and the usage of cellular energy.

If you are going to balance your hormones, it is essential to keep in mind all the organs interrelated with each other and also the rest of the whole body. Whole body coordination is essential. The organs all have production hormone "factory sites" and the reception areas to help the body achieve balance. Inflammation is a reaction to too much stress that does not go away (chronic). If stress continues too long, it becomes chronic stress that prevents the body from focusing on the repair necessary. Essentially, the body does not down regulate (relax) to end the stress pattern because the stress does not leave.

So what do we do about it? Reference the last article on the 5 aspects of helath and healing to find out how to form a plan for yourself to help have a well rounded plan. If you need help, let us know and we can help you figure out a pattern that will get you better quickly. Taking mental breaks, exercise, and perform deep breathing are all things that will do wonders to help with the immediate stress pattern.

The concentrataion of the rest of this article is how we can assess the organ interrelationships and have your body rebalance as quickly as possible. Getting tested with morphogenic field testing will assess the organs and if there are any needs of the specialized cells. Are they coordinating well? Do you need a personal nutrtional program for the HPAT axis? The test will take around 10 to 20 minutes and will provide insite so we can then match up solutions that your body can use to help the axis recoordinate. Organ support nurtitionally allows for a more rapid response to healing. Your body will match up the soutions than will match the situation.

I highly recommend to have you focus on eating well too. According to the late endocrinologist, Hans Selye, we need to eat a special way to support the process of recovery from long term stress and return to true health by especially focusing on eating fats. Fats are needed to make hormones in the body in fact all hormones come from cholesterol. Butter is my favorite fat. Some of you may fear butter based on past recommedations of others, but I highly recommend it. Why? It is important to include butter because it contains good cholesterol to make hormone balance easier to achieve. Other foods to emphasize in your eating plan are proteins such as grass fed meats and raw cheese. We need minerals from veggetables and sea salt too. This will give your body a great chance of a recovery from the stress and return to a healthy, non-inflammed body. If your hormones are off and you are also inflammed, a comprehensive look at lifestyle habits and eating habits along with a specifically designed program will be a well rounded approach. I look forward to helping, if needed.

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