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Avoid GMO foods?

Having a hard time looking for Real Food?  Or perhaps you are under the impression all food is equal.  Well, I have been researching the topic of GMO.  GMO is an acronym for Genetically Modified Organism.

                GMO basically means that something has been done to the food by a chemistry team and a genetics change has been made.  Long story short, the company changes the plant so you as a grower or the farmer can use chemicals on the plant and no kill it, but kill the weeds.  Sound good?

                Not so much, I say.  Every hard case test has GMO issues involved.  I want to explain why.  GMO has three components that matter, one the virus or the bacteria injected into the seed.  Two, it is grown with Roundup.  A noxious weed killer that even 1% is able to change the DNA.  This means it messes with your ability to heal and repair.  It is shown to be related to so many diseases and even cancer.  Three, GMO has a promoter also added for the seed to accept the viral or bacterial material and not reject it.  Any of the three components can bother our bodies.  GMO essentially bothers the gut and the microbiome (( a new word for some) our probitoics that are in our gut.)  The gut and the microbiome in our gut digest our food, absorb our nutrients and eliminate waste from our body.  If this is off, we build up toxins our food can putrefy and cause us much harm.

Often times, clinically, the body needs help with repair of our own DNA, with gut repair, with minerals or with the chemical detoxification pathways of our bodies.   Any of these can happen and often I see a combination, not just one thing that needs work.

So, as a strategy in this war on being healthy, Shop smartly.  Here is a chart to help.  Eat organic if you can, there are things to use as supplements to help with exposure.  Our testing focuses on helping the cells of our body get healthy and stay healthy.   This chart picture shows what foods are important to eat organic, if you cannot do it all organic.  If you are not on enzymes or pobitoics, I love our product Lact-enz  from the company Standard Process. Lact-enz has a bit of both enzymes and probiotics in it.  It helps with present and past exposure to GMO by helping our body digest and helps restore our damaged microbiome.


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