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This Process Is So Worthwhile!

"Before I started seeing Erin, I was tired and weak with a lot of joint pain, especially in my knees.  Mentally, I was having struggles with depression and confusion.  There were many days when I just could not “think straight” or concentrate.  I was irritable and having trouble sleeping well.  I was also having intestinal discomfort and poor digestion.  On top of that I needed a lot of sleep, had high blood pressure, and heart palpitations.  Now that I have started a program with Erin, I have LOTS more energy and my knees are hardly ever sore.  My blood pressure has decreased and my heart is “calm.”  I am sleeping better and therefore need less sleep to be energized for the next day.  My digestion has improved and I am learning to listen to my body.  I am still working on the mental component but I am definitely seeing noticeably less depression and anxiety.  This process is SO worthwhile.  I tell everyone that I now feel at least 10 years younger!"

-M.C.  Delhi, NY


I No Longer Have Any Pain!

“When I started ® to anyone! I noticed after just one week that my pain was lessening, and now after 6 weeks I no longer have any pain.”   -S.C. Walton NY comeing to the Natural Improvement Center, I had pain from my back to my heels, aches and electrical shock-like pains. Since starting a program, I feel more at ease and would recommend Nutrition Response Testing



I Sleep Like a Baby!

“Before I came to the Natural Improvement Center, I had pressure in my chest and pain between my shoulder blades. I slept lousy, always restless and jerky. My body was so inflammed that I thought I may be gluten intolerant. Now, I sleep like a baby! My inflammation is gone, I've lost 18 pounds and the pressure and pain is gone in my chest and back! My gut feels great and my digestion is so much better since eating real foods over processed foods and foods loaded with sugar!”    -K.L. Walton NY



Within An Hour My Knee Was Functioning Normally Without Pain!

“I got up one morning with a lot of pain if my left knee. I was in so much pain that I thought I might have to cancel a 2-day seminar that I was scheduled to go to. I ate my breakfast, took my nutritional supplements and the pain started to ease! So I took 1 extra ROX.

Within an hour my knee was functioning normally without pain!  Wow! What a relief and blessing all in one.   Thank you Dr. Jenn for

learning about these new formulas; They work!” -M.B. Morris, NY’



The Pain Was Gone!

“Before my nutritional program, I was very lethargic and it felt miserable to wake up every day. I had no energy and was falling asleep almost every time I sat down. Constant chronic pain and nerve damage to my ribs from a surgery that felt like fire with every breath…

I had also recently cracked a rib. Three days with additional nutrition and the pain was gone completely. Also, my low back pain that made moving very painful and difficult every morning was GONE. I had had this pain for so long that I really didn't even think about it anymore. After working with the Nutrition Practitioner team at the Natural Improvement Center, I have lots of energy! I've cut my pain medications in 1/3 and hope to reduce it further! My hands which hurt for 35 years - the pain is gone! I’m moving better with more stamina. My food cravings are almost eliminated. All this after only 18 months! I can’t wait to see how I feel and how much more I can do in the future!” -K.M. Endicott, NY



I'm Doing Much, Much Better!

“When I came to the Natural Improvement Center, I felt terrible! As time went on, I could see major improvement in my health. I’m doing much, much better. I’m removing the sources of allergy-related symptoms, losing weight, and feeling much more energized Hurray!” -S.F.G. Delhi, NY



I Have Great Energy, I’m Happy and I’m Sleeping Through the Night!

“Before I began working with Kate, I was up all night going to the bathroom (urinary problems), I was unable to fully wake up in the morning, I couldn't think straight or multi-task, I was tired all the time, and I was depressed. Since following through on my Designed Clinical Nutrition Program, I have great energy, I’m happy, and I’m sleeping through the night. My urinary problems have disappeared. Multi-tasking is now possible; I’m able to follow through on directions and think straight!”-R.H. Delhi, NY



My Energy Level Has Increased Immensely!

"Before I came to see Erin at the Natural Improvement Center, I was getting no sleep and always felt very tired with no energy.  Due to the fatigue, it was difficult to get through the afternoon. This became very stressful.  I also had horrible leg and foot cramps every night.  The severe pain would often wake me up. Since becoming a Nutrition Response Testing® client, my energy level has increased immensely.  I am getting more quality sleep.  I have much more energy in the afternoon.  I no longer feel as though I am going home just to go to bed.  I actually feel like doing things I enjoy and can stay up later!  This has also helped with my stress.  I am able to handle things much easier now and I realize how important it is to get quality sleep.  My legs cramps have subsided so much!  I used to wake up in tears because they hurt so much.  Now, there may be a dull pain every now and then but it doesn’t actually 'hurt'!  It is amazing because I have suffered for so long!  I can’t thank Erin enough for all she has done for me.  I also learned more about the foods I eat.  I am able to make better choices because I now know things that I thought were good actually are not."  -B.M. Walton, NY



Only One Week on the Program and I Slept 8 1/2 Hours Straight!

"I have not slept through the night since my youngest son was born; he is now 3½ years old.  I nursed him for a year so I was getting up several times a night from that.  I became sick during the winter and began feeling very fatigued.  I also have other children to take care of, household responsibilities and a relationship with my husband.  I became so fatigued that I had to stop working full-time and switch to part time.  I was also told that an auto-immune disease called Shogran’s was beginning to smolder in my body.  This makes me thirsty all the time and I would have to wake throughout the night to drink water.  Last night, after only one week of starting Erin’s program, I slept for 8 ½ hours straight!  ALL NIGHT!  I almost couldn’t believe it.  It is such a wonderful feeling.  Also, my dry mouth is subsiding and I no longer have to take prescription medication for it J I am so happy this program is available!" 

-K.S.  Margaretville, NY  



I Have Not Needed Inhalers or Albuterol Treatments!

"Before Dr. Jenn helped me clear my allergies, I was using 2 inhalers 3 times a day.  I needed 2 Albuterol treatments a day.  I was oxygen starved and struggling to breathe.  I had to bend over to get the pressure off my lungs.  I also was yawning frequently and very light-headed. Through the Accelerated Allergy Clearing Technique, I feel so much better!  I have not needed or used the inhalers or albuterol treatments.  I am practicing to deep breathe.  I still do yawn a few times a day but I am no longer light-headed.  I have not needed to bend over to breathe.  I am very relieved!" -V.B. Treadwell, NY



The Transformation Has Been Remarkable!

"I was diagnosed with a weakness in both thighs by a medical doctor.  I had pain in the thighs and difficulty lifting my legs.  Standing to put slacks on was very difficult.  My lower back also caused me pain.   At times, the pain was so severe I would have to stop whatever activity I was engaged in.  To help stop the pain I would take Advil or just sit with my feet elevated.  This was very annoying ®, I now have evry little pain in my thighs.  In fact, I can walk farther and longer with no pain!  My legs and feet feel looser and move more easily.   My back has not bothered me as often.  I have not taken any over-the-counter medications since starting with Dr. Jenn.  If I feel any discomfort, I do a few knee squats and then the pain is gone.  The transformation has been remarkable!  Plus an unexpected good result from eating properly is that I have lost belly fat!" becaused it happened unexpectedly and ruined my activities. Since becoming a Natural Improvement Center client and through the tool called Nutrition Response Testing

-M.P.  Roxbury, NY

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