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We keep telling you, "drink more water..." 

Every. Single. Visit.

But, why?

and you may feel like you're drinking enough, but are you? Really?


Study after study shows us the benefits of water to our health-- and it doesn't necessarilly have anything to do with thirst, either! Check out the chart below for a little breakdown of just what that water is for:




















Now take some minutes to watch what this DR says about water (to respect your time, start at 4:20 to skip the intro. and get right to his talk):


From his book, "Your Body's Many Cries For Water," Dr. Batmanghelidj, M.D.-- As a result of extensive research into the role of water in the body, Dr. Batmanghelidj states you can prevent, treat, and cure a variety of conditions of ill health, at no cost, with what he calls nature's miracle medicine: Water. 



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