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You can ferment foods to promote a healthier gut!
















This is so important to help your gut function sooooooo much better!





Makes:  2 ½ cups whey and 1 ½ cups of cream cheese

Ingredients: 1 qt. of high quality whole milk yogurt or raw milk (allow to separate at room temperature2-5 days) 

1.         Line the stainless steel strainer with a cheese cloth

2.         Pour in yogurt or separated milk

3.         The whey will run in the bowl and milk solids remain inside the cheese cloth, be careful not to squeeze

4.         Tie up the sack to a wooden spoon placed across the top of a container so that more whey drips into the jar

5.         When the bag stops dripping, the cheese is ready

6.         Store whey in a Mason jar and cream in a covered glass container

7.         Refrigerated, the cream cheese keeps for about 1 month and the whey for about 6 months


Once you make the above, used the whey to make any of the recipes below.





¾ cup Ginger, peeled, ½ cup fresh lime juice or lemon juice, ¼ cup maple sugar, 2 Tbsp. sea salt, 1/4 cup whey, 2 qt. filtered water must leave 1 inch for fermentation from the top

Leave at room temperature for 2 to 3 days then keep in fridge, keeps several months, mix with carbonated water to drink hot or cold.





3 medium or 2 large organic, peeled and chopped coarsely beets, ¼ cup whey, 1 Tbsp. sea salt, top off the 2 quart jar with filtered water, leave 1 inch from the top.

Place beets, whey, and salt in 2 qt. glass containers, fill the container with one inch of the top.  Stir well and cover securely.  Keep at room temperature for the 2 days before transferring to refrigerator. 





4 to 5 pickling cucumbers and or 15 to 20 gherkins, 1 Tbsp. mustard seeds, 2 Tbsp. fresh  dill,  1tbsp. sea salt, 4 Tbsp. whey, 1 cup filtered water.  

Wash cucumber well and place in the Mason jar. Combine remaining ingredients and pour over cumbers, adding more water if necessary to cover the cucumbers. The top of the liquid should be at least 1 inch below the top of the jar.  Cover tightly and keep at room temperature for about 3 days before transferring to cold storage.  





1 medium cabbage, cored, and shredded, 1 Tbsp. sea salt, 4 Tbsp. whey

In a bowl, mix cabbage, sea salt and whey, pound with meat hammer and put into a qt. sized, wide mouthed Mason jar and press down firmly until juices come to the top.  The top of cabbage should be 1 inch below the top of jar. The sauerkraut may be eaten immediately, but it improves with age. 





¾ cup of ginger finely chopped, ½ cup fresh lime juice, ¼ cup maple sugar, 2 teaspoon sea salt, ¼ cup whey, 2 quart filtered water.

Place all ingredients in a 2 quart jar after you pound out the carrots to release juices, the carrots need to be one inch from the top.  Cover tightly and leave at room temperature for about 3 days before transferring to cold storage.  

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