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Here are some links to other healthy websites that may help you on your wellness journey.


Educational Resources

Weston A. Price Foundation


Standard Process--Why we use whole food supplements



Energetix--how homeopathic supplements work to support healing


Nutrition Response Testing® & Referrals


Environmental Working Group


Dr. Jennifer Constable

Morphogenic Feild Technique

KST Koren specific technique


What Should I Eat?



100 Days of Real Food--how to feed your family real food


Nourishing Traditions--how food can heal


GAPS--Gut and Physiology/Psychology Syndrome


Maria Mind Body Health


Weight Loss--diet doctor


Wheat Belly--how eliminating wheat can improve your health


Lick the Sugar Habit by Dr. Nancy Appleton


Protein Power--Drs Eades


Peace Love and Low Carb


What to Read



Natural News


Dr. Mercola


Chris Kresser L.Ac


Dr. Sara Gottfried


Mind Over Medicine


Dr. David Perlmutter


Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation


Selene River Press


Lick the Sugar Habit!


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