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What is real food?  I have found the closer to what my grandmother ate is real food.  In today’s market, it is called organic and is grown with hard work and not chemicals.  Real food includes raw milk, and cheeses and organic vegetables and fruits, grass fed meat and free range eggs.  Anything in a box or in a can is suspect and needs to be carefully considered more than likely processed.  Fast foods are not or are rarely real.  The reason is preservatives, and chemicals prevail.  They are used in food preparations and in the growing of now conventional grown food.  We are what we have eaten eat.  And we will become what we are eating now.  Our body heals and repairs constantly and if we are careful, we can help repair to a higher standard.  In several weeks, we have new Red Blood cells, in several months a new organ, in several years’ new bones.  So what parts do you need to heal and have healthier?  Then feed your body nourishing things and it will repair with better parts. 

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