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It seems to be pretty common knowledge, at least among health-minded people, that conventional cleaning products aren’t so safe for cleaning.   Since World War II, over 70,000 chemicals have been added to our cleaning products – but less than 5% have been tested to health or even environmental concerns!  In our efforts to clean our homes, we are actually creating an environment where the air in our houses is more contaminated than the air outside!  This is where we live! And these toxins, thanks to weak regulations, are also in many “green” or “natural” cleaning products! What are these toxins doing to our health?  (Hint…it isn’t good…)  Did you know that if you use conventional cleaning and beauty products, your body could absorb up to FIVE POUNDS of toxic chemicals a year?  This could lead to anything from minor skin irritation to serious disorders such as fibromyalgia, thyroid disorders, and even affect the unborn children of pregnant women!


As with our food, we really shouldn’t be buying cleaning products – or personal care products, or any products that we come into contact with daily – that have ingredients we can’t pronounce.  Some good brand names are Dr. Bronner’s and Seventh Generation, or ask us about Melaleuka products.  However, the best cleaning products are those you make yourself.  Almost everything can be cleaned with baking soda and vinegar!  For some natural cleaning ideas, check out the RESOURCES tab on this site or ask our awesome staff.  What are your favorite natural cleaning methods?

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