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Peroxide soaks

Sometimes the simplest things are the most effective and (the easiest to remember.) Peroxide soaks are so effective! I learned about it when I investigated GersonsTherapy (link here) for cancer and inflammatory disorders. It is also available for anyone to do to boost your immune system. The little barely visible bubbles go through the skin into feet and into the system. The ratio of peroxide to water for the therapeutic soak is as follows: 1 cup to 1 gallon of hot water. Or if you have a bigger pan, perhaps a 2 gallon dishpan, you can put the entire pint in. If you are wanting to, you can put essential oils in the soak too. My favorite is Frankincense. It smells wonderful to me and I have read that it is great anti cancer habit to have. It is a bit pricey on the forefront, but I use Mellaleuca Company( link here) to buy mine. Dr. Axe has great oil too (link here). I would highly recommend this a habit a least weekly for those just wanting a boost and daily if you have a goal of helping immune situations and for cancer situations. This is a great habit with so many benefits. I recommend it to my Lyme sufferers too, it really helps and it feels good too.

Here are a few disorders it can help with

  • Cancer therapy

  • Lyme therapy

  • Anti-inflammation

  • Foot pain

  • Auto-Immune problems

  • Infections local to the foot and systemic infections

Bonus benefits

  • Relaxation

  • Softer feet

  • De-stress

  • Pain relief

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