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Immunity is built in!

Think about it! You have an immune system and well supported will fight all kinds of things including the novel virus. I would love to help you think about this. The spleen and the bone marrow is so important in your ongoing fight against all invaders to the immunity of your body. A little known fact is a good stomach is important as well. Basic clean eating with good quality bone broth, sesame seed oil, and tahini is very important. Vitamin C is also important too so occasional citrus along with a bit of citrus zest of the rind is a great antioxidant helper. It's a great idea to eat soups this time of year to help with digestion and limit sweets too. One study shows how we decrease immunity by 90 % if too much sugar is ingested. So cut back on the sweets especially if you are around others with any immune system challenges. Vitamin D also is so important too, and it is in grass-fed meat and butter. So yummy. Enjoy! Be healthy.


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