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So you like dessert….I love it too.

These are a few of my tried and true strategies to have your cake and eat it too (because it just is necessary sometimes). Special events and when you just need something right now. I have been at this for some time, and the different strategies that have worked for me are as follows.

  • Use an alternative sugar my favorite is coconut sugar because it is the same ratio as any recipe you could do.

  • Other things include maple syrup which is a liquid and the liquid ratio of the general recipe may change the outcome. Usually, I find that half the sugar is all I need to make a recipe and I often find adding a bit more flour will cover this change, a Tablespoon or two of flour should do.

  • For different flour, I have found getting organic is essential, since the chemicals in GMO and GE flours are so bad for us. I love to use coconut flour and oat flour many times in place of wheat and pastry flour.

  • For ice cream, I love Alden’s brand, but to do one at home see the attached recipe. It includes banana, raw cocoa, and peanut butter. This is for the chocolate peanut butter fans.

  • As for other ideas, I have a Pinterest account that has a few other ideas.See link below.


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