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What if you knew how to eat to maintain your body? To lose weight? To be your best?

What if you could check with your body and ask it if you are eating the way you personally need to to reach your goals. Each of us is an individual with our own individual needs. With Morphogenic Field Testing, using the diet vials to test with, your body can select what diet is best for you. This has helped so many already in the office, including me.

Here's my story.

When I had this testing done, my body wanted the KETO diet. My next step is to do research for what this eating plan is. I used Pinterest to look up yummy recipes, the basics and got started. Any changes are a bit of work, but the concept behind it got me excited! So wonderful that my body could communicate the information and it has been the best type of eating for me better results too. It is such a great concept, just be able to ask your own body. It is so specific and so different than just following a suggestion or a recommendation of what someone else thinks! Since my body selected it, I have had a much better outcome and for the first time that my body has lost weight and kept it off.

This report of progress is life-altering for me. Now to date, I have lost an actual four inches lost and down 6 pounds and a real reward for the effort. Very exciting, the eating plan is making me very satisfied and I am able to eat and lose while still feeling fulfilled, I have less inflammation and sleeping better than before. I have even been inspired to exercise more which may make even better results.

KETO may not be for everybody, but everybody that wants to know can get tested to see what type of eating there body would select. I would be glad to test any of you to see what your body would like as its eating plan. It can be life changing, as it has been for me. It can lead to dramatic results. I am thankful to have an eating plan exactly right for my body.

Dr. Jenn

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