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Unblock your Lymph System

I though I would share a handout I made based on the article in Woman First magazine. I has helped so many with the build up of lymph fluid. I recommend it highly as a practice at least part of the protocol as a regimen to stay healthy. I personally love occasional trampoline work and the body brush is very relaxing. Give it a try.

Unblock your Lymph System

A healthy lymphatic system can help fight off 80 percent of chronic disease, and even arthritis.

Breakthrough research uncovers the sneaky reason women can’t shed stubborn fat- and the easy, inexpensive cure.

The problem: “Like the drainpipes in your house, your lymphatic system can become clogged.” reports Dr. OZ

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  • Environmental toxins

  • Inflammatory compounds

  • Processed foods

The slowdowns get worse as the decades progress.

80% of women over 40 may have this sluggish lymph flow.

The stubborn fat fix:

  1. Brush skin with a lymph Brush( long handled soft brush)

  2. Take a hot/ cold shower 90 seconds each and repeat 6 times

  3. Jump around on the trampoline

  4. Ban the bra at night

  5. Put feet up for 10 minutes on the wall and let gravity naturally help

  6. Walk daily briskly

  • 88% sounder sleep

  • 300% more energy

  • 61% less stress

  • By day 7 : 15 pounds slimmer.

Based on an article on Lymph by Dr. Oz 9/19/16

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