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Having a hard time losing the weight? How about keeping it off?

Clients lately have a real interest in how they can lose weight and keep it off. No more yo- yo dieting. I want to focus on what we can do to make it not only effective but also tailored to you specifically.

Your body must first not have a detoxification issue. This is the secret to weight loss that will last. A body must not have a concentration of toxins or the weightloss will not only make you sick because it increases your toxin concentration, but it will be very difficult to sustain the weightloss. The key is to support the liver so the detox is possible and sustainable.

One of the remedies that can really help is avilailible for anyone to try. That remdy is Dandlion Tea (root and the leaf.) This is availible at your local health food store. We also have a extract that is easy to use and is a cost efffective ready to go, long lasting named Core Dandi Blend from our Energetix line. We can test to see if it is right for you.

The next secret is HIIT. It is a scalable exercise program! Anybody can do it. We have a hand out to help you get started in the office. The simple formula is to exercise 1 minute at a pace that will make you get out of breath. Then, rest for 2 minutes. Repaeat this cycle 3 to 5 times. Do this every other day or every third day. The exercise can be walking, dancing, weightlifting, or even burpees.

There is evidence that if you are over 40 it is harder to lose weight. It may be that you need to use a substance called nitric oxide to help the body burn energy more efficiently. This is usually made by the body and it decreases with age. You can cause your body to make more by doing the exercise sequence above to supercharge your mitochondria (cellular furnace). For faster results, there are supplements that focus on this, one is called Epic from Systemic Formulas. This supplement or one like it can really help the results for those who need it.

Having your body tested to find out your ideal eating plan, may matter the most. The proceedure is simple for us to do on your next visit. We have test vials that include the top foods and eating plans for your body to choose along with what to avoid. As far as a general recommendation, please eat organic, non-GMO food.

A remedy for those who have done all of the above that is of note is to take a hypothalamic support product. We have a few to choose from. The hypothalamus is the central brain and is it controls metabolism and your temperature set point. If it is set too low it can impact how slowly you can lose. We would look at the brain and see if there is a need for support. A thing that anyone who would like to lose weight and at the soame time have great mental clarity, try the recipe below. Start slowly with this if you think you might have a problem with fat digestion.

There is a simple technique that is will help you to slow down and breath deeply 5 to 10. With a deep breath, your stress hormones instantly lessen. It will help you digest the food. It is important to eat well and to digest well. Improper digestion will impair your ability to detoxify and to eliminate and to assimilate your nutrients. A person who has after meal discomfort will more than likely benefit from an enzyme like the ever faithful Multizyme from Standard Process.

For those who want to have rapid weightloss an old fashion remedy availible by Standard Process called Cyrofood. This is a multi-vitamin that has all the nutrients without the calories. Great for once in a while or when you just dont have time to eat at a sit down time. I personally have bone broth and these 4 little pills for lunch. By the way, I find it lasts fine for me until dinner often 6 hours later.

Call Tammy for your strategy visit with me to brain storm and to find out which of these supplements would benefit you.

 Bulletproof Coffee or Tea

-Good Coffee or Tea

-2 TBSP Grass-fed Butter

-1TBSP Coconut oil


-Add Coconut Milk for a non dairy latte

-Cinnamon for blood sugar control

-Cardamom/Vanilla for a Flavor if you would like that

Mix it all in a blender for 20-30 seconds until it looks like a foamy latte!

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