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What's Going On With Our Guts?

Breaking news on the micro-biome (the good guys in your gut that help make your body healthy)! This is cutting edge insider information on the grains you should not eat but may not know that you should not.

There are chemicals in food!

The truth of the matter is, now our grains in America may be sprayed before harvest to dry them out for storage. This is on top of the reported 26 percent extra chemicals per acre for genetically engineered (GE) crops versus non GE crops (according to the USDA). Many of these chemicals such as Round-Up have added 2,4-D, an active ingredient in Agent Orange!

Why is this important? Other than the obvious reason, bad chemicals can build up within the body and can be a problem for chemically sensitive people. Let's look at the history of American health: Americans get sick more often than any other industrialized country. Sixty-three percent (63%) now report a chronic illness. Since the mid nineties, the number of people suffering from 3 or more chronic illnesses has nearly doubled. Infant mortality has risen, and life spans have plummeted. Over the last twenty years we have seen chronic illnesses that are not normal.

In March 2001, the Center of Disease Control reported, "This food is responsible for twice the number of illness in the U.S. compared to the estimates just seven years earlier."

Moreover, exposure to 2,4-D has been noted to cause anorexia, ataxia, salivation, diarrhea, lethargy, and convulsions in cats and dogs. Rats showed lack of coordination, central nervous system depression and muscular weakness after consumption; while rat tissue analysis suggested liver and muscle damage after exposure to 2,4-D.

BUT, all is not lost! We can combat this! Through Nutrition Response Testing and Designed Clinical Nutrition, we can help our bodies to detox these harmful chemicals and put them into healing mode. It is also very important to introduce good quality foods such as grass fed and pasture raised meats and eggs, bone broth, organic vegetables, aged and raw cheeses, and fermented foods into the diet. Check out our lactofermentation information under "Resources".

Take steps to save your life today!

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