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The five aspects of health and healing

There are 5 aspects of healing.

  • Environmental

  • Physical

  • The five aspects of health and healingmotional

  • SpirtualThe five aspects of health and healing

  • Chemical

Create your invidualized plan by incorporating one thing for each of the 5 aspects of health to resolve any chronic issue. Choose one of the aspects to work and look for answers that are just right for you.

1. Enviromental:

  • Limit exposure by using pesticides and herbicides around the house.

  • If gardening, try organic growing conditions.

  • Buy organic produce and food.

  • Use less chemicals on your skin, cleanning and bathing. For example, if cleanning use vinegar and baking soda.

2. Physical:

  • Exercise daily by walking. Bursting exercises: 1 minute out of breath, 2 minute resting, and repeat 3 times.

  • Use chiropractic and acupuncture: to help realign the nervous system to allow maximal flow of enrgy though out the body.

  • Massage is wonderful stress reduction

  • Body wellness practices: body brushing helps of circualtion

  • Stretching like yoga or Tai chi

  • Deep breathing

3. Emotional:

  • Stress reduction techniques like deep breathing

  • Keep tabs on what offenses you hold in your heart

  • Use exercise as a emotional release

  • Stay connected with your friends and family

4. Spiritual:

  • Time spent with God, family, and connecting with nature.

  • Time spent alone, arranging for time to relax and do what you want

5. Chemical:

  • Limit use of chemicals in personal care products. Lots of products contain alcohol solvents, chlorine, and heavy metals such as aluminum and titanium. These chemicals can build up in the body and cause liver congestion and damage to many systems.

  • Alternate products for Toms from Maine, Melaluca, and Nature's Place are other companies specializing in chemical free products.

  • Try to eat organic when you can. The dirty dozen is a list of foods that if you can't do all organic, then you should avoid these items.

  • Do not use Bleach on clothing if at all possible.

  • Tide, Snuggle, and Lysol all are very toxic cleaners contraining formaldehyde and other heavy chemicals.

  • Eat what is right for your body!

If you think this is something you are interested in, then call 607-746-8225 and Tammy will set you up for a consultation. Dr. Jenn looks forward to helping you with your health needs.

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