Comprehensive Diabetes Program

Are you or is someone you love struggling to “manage” Diabetes? 




Are you looking for a natural way to make lasting changes with regards to your Diabetes?




Do you want to achieve optimal health and quality of life?

This 3 Week Course is tailor-made to the person who is showing symptoms of Pre-Diabetes or  Diabetes, as well as for their friends, family and their loved ones. 


It involves an informational class, 3 workshop format interactive classes, a Nutrition Response TestingS® workup each week and implementation program for the individual.  If a person desires to really improve their health and wellness, then this is the course for them. 


The 5 "Health and Healing" topics emphasize those choices of yours that impact your body's symptom presentation.  These 5 topics include emotional, chemical, physical, environmental and spiritual aspects of health and healing. By the end of the workshop, a tailor-made program chosen by you will be your fresh start to a healthier you.  


Successfully implemented lessons impact everyday life decisions and help each person with controlling blood sugar, cravings, and puts you in control of managing your body's expression of symptoms.  Most people who have  gone through this class are amazed at the turnaround they have achieved.  Workshop attendees have been able to normalize their blood sugars or put it on a  trend that is more close to normal, weight is often lost, inches are lost by the participants, and reports of urinalysis results becoming more normal too.  The testimonials speak for themselves.  We are able to see such great results, and the staff are often amazed too.


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“I always felt like I was dragging extra weight around. Sleep was not restful and I did not feel refreshed. My lower legs were always swollen, and I always had pain in my feet, ankles, and shins. I just never felt good. Since finishing the program, I FEEL LIKE I DID BEFORE I WAS HURT. I am able to do more, feel good, and not hurt for days afterward! My feet and legs no longer hurt. I have more energy and feel good! It has been years since I felt this good. I sleep better and wake up well rested. I feel myself getting stronger! My legs are healing and I have NO cracks, sores, or weeping. NO ulcers.”   -R.S., Delhi, NY



“I craved sweets, especially chocolate. I felt like I needed to snack at night after dinner. My blood sugars fluctuated. As a result of this course I have overcome my craving for sweets, only having desserts on special occasions. I no longer feel the need to snack at night. Still working on getting my blood sugar ⇩ 100.”  -P.W., Downsville, NY



“I was having lots of headaches, joint aches and pains, I couldn’t sleep, I always had a sinus cold/sore throat, was very lethargic, and I had an overall feeling of sadness. Now I have no headaches! When I do have joint pain, it’s because I ate the wrong thing. I sleep like a baby! No more colds or sore throats! I have energy and pep!”  -S.H., Walton, NY



“Before I started the diabetes program, I was slow and sluggish, sometimes tired, not sleeping well, and stressed out. After just 6 weeks I have better circulation in my legs, I have less aches, and a better attitude about feeling good! I don’t let my buttons get pushed the way I used to and I’m pleased about how I feel better!”  –R.S., Walton, NY



“I was tired, bloated, sore and achy all the time, and NOT sleeping well. Now I’m not as tired, not bloated, and my aches and pains aren’t all the time. I lost a total of 15 inches!!! I learned so much; things I thought I knew but finally rang a bell.”  -S.W., Delhi, NY



“My blood sugar was fluctuating from high to low and I felt weak and had no energy. My blood sugar is now running lower and more consistent. I feel stronger and have more energy.”  -M.H., Walton, NY



"I felt tired and not always happy.  I had little energy.  I had a lot of cravings for fast food and snack foods.  I had a hard time sleeping through the night.  Now, I definitely feel as though I have more energy and desire to eat healthy.  If I do have a 'snack', I’m finished with it after a couple of bites and don’t want any more!  Now I find myself wanting to snack on vegetable and fruits.  Also I find myself sleeping through the night and feeling refreshed.  I’ve gotten compliments from family that I look healthier and my skin is better."  -S.M.,Delhi, NY



"I was always tired and not a lot of sleep and I wanted desperately to lose weight.  I was not exercising a lot. And I was eating a lot of candy and drinking a lot of soda.  Sleeping is now a lot better; I am more relaxed and lost 10 inches!  I am now feeling like exercising, the bursting exercise is helping a lot and I feel good about myself physically and cut out a lot of candy and soda.  I am excited to continue with this lifestyle.  The workshop series haschanged my life!"  -B. F., Hamden, NY



"I was very apprehensive.  I have tried for a long time to feel like I did when I was younger.  Thought I wasn’t expecting anything to happen.  I had tried so many things, and had not gotten my hoped for results.  I feel great now! I know I have more to go, but with the little changes that have taken place, I know that there is HOPE of more to come.  My flexibility was my biggest breakthrough.  Also I lost 10 and a half inches which makes me want to carry on with my new habits!"  -B.J.S., Hamden, NY



"I had pain in my legs all day before.    I do not have pain now in my legs at all!  Walking better now, handled stress better, I had a real stressful couple weeks, yet my blood sugar is staying great!"  -H.C., (83 years old) Walton, NY 



"My sugar was high, lots of inflammation, and other markers were off with my body.  After doing the 6 week diabetes program, my sugar is reduced, other markers are in the normal range, and my inflammation was greatly reduced."  -L.P., Oneonta, NY



"I was very tired and fatigued all of the time.  I did not sleep well and hurt in my bones and my joints.  After doing the 6 week diabetes program, I have changed my diet.  I feel so much better and sleep better.  My goal is to institute all the necessary changes in my diet to get my weight down and lower my A1C."  -V.W., Andes, NY



"I was had walking and back issues, felt fatigued and had low energy, was pre-diabetic, and had bouts with gout and arthritis.  I also experienced kidney problems and UTI’s.  After doing the 6 week diabetes course, I feel awesome.  I have more energy, sleep better and my sugar is under control.  My UTI is gone, my kidneys feel better and I lost 6.5 pounds.  My blood pressure is lower and I am walking better too.  I have improved on all issues."  -B.D., Walton, NY



"I was very concerned about being diagnosed with diabetes and my weight.  After doing the diabetes course, I have lost 13.4 lbs and 13 inches so I am very pleased with my results.  Now I have to keep it up and maintain."  -S.G., Delhi, NY



I felt older than I was.  Now, I feel like a kid again.  I am always kidding around and having more fun. 

J.B. Walton, NY



Before I started the diabetes program, I was having trouble staying away from the foods that I wasn’t supposed to have.  After the 6 week program, I am staying focused on better foods and drinks.  It is easier now, with being educated better.  The shakes are improving my energy."  -D.P., Milford, NY



My biggest incentive was to encourage my husband to come (he is diabetic but I am not).  However, I am overweight and heading towards pre-diabetic.  I have a lot of pain, arthritis and a spinal condition.  After completing the class, I have lost 3 pounds and 9 inches over the course of the classes.  My energy level is better and my pain level is less."  -J.P., Milford, NY



I had low blood sugar, causing no energy.  I was tired and always hungry.  After the class, I am doing better.  I have room for improvement and will stay with the program."  -J.P., Shandaken, NY



I had high LDL and Triglycerides and I have been wanting to lose weight.  After completing the 6 week course, I have lost 8 lbs and 13 ½ inches."  -L.V., Andes, NY